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Panasonic Toughbook CF-31: Supporting Innovators like Jaimie Mantzel.

Updated: Jun 9

One of the coolest benefits of selling Panasonic Toughbook's are the unique individuals you come across and the interesting work or applications they are using our units for. But sometimes I see someone on YouTube or social media and their story just inspires me and it is like the Universe / God telling me "That man needs a Toughbook!". Such was the case for me with Jaimie's YouTube Channel

You can see overview of his journey on his channel below.

To give you an idea of brilliance of this humble man, he has built his own solar boat, a large dome home in the jungles of Panama (where he lives full time). Along with spider robots and many other cool, innovative projects! If AI takes over the world and their robots starting hunting humans, I will be seeking out Jaimie to help me survive in jungles of Panama! (I hope "The Terminator" movie was not predictive documentary).

"The Shark Slicer" - Solar powered boat (built by Jamie)

I have been following Jaimie's YouTube channel for a few years now and this guy as like the Elon Musk of off-grid living. He has lived in jungles of Panama for a long time now and is very independent and self-sufficient. It is amazing and inspiring to see someone have the courage and tenacity to setup a peaceful home life outside of the conventional matrix and also be passionate about "REAL Education" which is quite lacking in our modern world.

I love the fact Jaimie is a Dad with young children who is passionate about instilling strong values like "Honor, Truth, Courage, etc..." in our youth. I wonder how many of our public schools in North America even talk about this anymore. In these times of inappropriate Woke cultural brainwashing, we need men with strong values to pass this onto our children.

A few years ago we shipped Jaimie a Black Cobra Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 just as thank you gesture for all his hard work and inspiration. We invited him to leave us a review as well if he was so inclined (but under no obligation to do so). And he was kind of enough to do so here. Review of the Black Cobra Toughbook CF-31 below. As a fellow gamer, I have mad respect this man also can even program video games!

Please support Jaimie, even if its to just give him a like on his YouTube channel.

Jaimie has "The Adventure Builders Club"

if you want to learn more about his life, past projects, injuries, etc..

His cool "merch" as the kids like to say...

or you can support him by donation

If you know of any cool, innovative people like this please send me a message and if their story resonates with me, I am overdue to donate to another good cause.



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