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Buy a Panasonic Toughbook laptop with Bitcoin, Monero or other crypto currencies

I think we live in one of the most interesting times in history and feel we are about to see a true revolution in the financial world with the blockchain and crypto currencies. As far as I know, TechTough is the first Panasonic Toughbook reseller to accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Monero. To help accelerate this adoption, I think it is important for laptop online sellers to offer this as a payment option.

1) Why would you want to pay using Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash or Monero?

FASTER TRANSACTIONS: After you download a bitcoin wallet on your iPhone or Android device (where you can store your Bitcoins) you would then scan the "QR" code below using this app on your cell phone, enter the amount to send and you are done! No need to login to your Paypal account, enter all your credit card details, etc...

2) SAVE $$$: As buyer If you send funds this way to us we will be offering a 10% discount off of your purchase! (As a seller we save the Paypal and credit card fees that can be up to 3% of the transaction) So this is a win, win and we are excited to help our customers learn about crypto's!

3) PRIVACY & SECURITY: Every transaction you make using Visa, Mastercard or Amex knows what you bought, how much you spent, from whom, your address, name, etc... People can hack and steal this information from these merchants. Bitcoin eliminates this exposure risk completely.


I hope to give new users some guidance to this exciting new world of cryptocurrencies, I recommend you of course learn about it first

How to buy Bitcoin: Bitcoin online exchange, ATM or buy person to person. - Regulated online exchange - Find a bitcoin ATM in your city - Meet local buyers and sellers

Store them using a Bitcoin wallet on your smart phone using these apps

The other exciting prospect, is that had you bought $1,000 in Bitcoin in January of 2017 and held it (or "HODL" Hold on for dear life) it would be worth $14,000 as of the time I wrote this blog on Dec. 28th, 2017. That is 1400% increase! Keep in mind Bitcoin and others are VERY volatile so only hold what lets you sleep at night... But in the long run I still see HUGE upside potential as the mainstream catches on.

Learn about, play with it and don't get left behind. Do not let fear of the unknown hold you back. It is the future.


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