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Plug & Play hard drive solution for Panasonic Toughbook CF-20 MK1 MK2 with Window 10 Pro.

OS and drivers will be pre-installed for you. Just plug & play!


Includes the Critical Recovery Disc in case you need to reinstall it in future due to virus, hardware failure, accident, etc.






The first generation of CF-20 was the MK1 or Mark1, next was the MK2 and so on... The difference is in the internal hardware (CF-20 models look almost identical). This is important because of the hardware changes each MK model requires different drivers to work properly. The wrong MK disc will not work.


To find out your Toughbook CF-20 MK FULL model you can look at the bottom label or in your BIOS. The first character that follows CF-20 determines your MK model


Toughbook CF-20 MK1 MODELS:      CF-20A, CF-20B, CF-20C, CF-20D


Toughbook CF-20 MK2 MODELS:      CF-20E, CF-20F, CF-20G, CF-20H


Sales: 303.732.3803

Professional Support: 303.732.3330

(Mon-Fri - 10-2:00 Mountain)

Panasonic Toughbook CF-20 M.2 SSD Hard Drive (New)

  • Includes:

    • Hard drive of your choice

    Recovery disc as a backup

    Windows pre-installed

    All drivers installed

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