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Toughbook Torture Test - PART 1 - FIRE & ICE: Why these are the Toughest laptops on planet Earth

The reason the military, swat, police and special forces count on Panasonic Toughbooks when lives are on the line, is that these are simply the baddest laptops in the world! If you tried to use a Dell, Apple, Toshiba, Lenovo or other "made in China" consumer laptop it probably would fail in spectacular fashion in any harsh outdoor extreme environment.

These rugged laptops are ideal dealing with rain, heat, sand, salt water, jarring movements of vehicles and the screens are even readable in direct sunlight, have port covers to protect against the elements such as rain, dust, sand, etc... The Toughbook CF-19, CF-30 and CF-31 are also great for industrial use, mechanic autobody shops, boats, yachts, on construction sites, in ambulances and fire fighter vehicles, etc...

The Toughbook CF-19, CF-30 and CF-31 units can handle the hottest deserts and sand is not an issue for a Toughbook. Its kind of like a day at the beach for a Toughbook rugged laptop, just without the water...

If you have not yet seen this crazy YouTube video, check it out! A Panasonic Toughbook

CF-19 gets pulled behind a snowmobile at high speeds, through rough forest terrain!

The Everest Peace Project took a Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 Rugged unit up to an elevation of 18,500 feet at Mount Everest. When you need a light yet fully rugged laptop (think of all the gear these mountain climbers also have to carry) the CF-19 is a great choice since it only weighs about 5lbs. It shaves a few pounds off its heavier brother the CF-30 and CF-31 which is about 8lbs. The Toughbook CF-19 is the best laptop If you are a mountain climber due to its smaller form factor, light weight and tough design.

The picture above is a heating element wrapped around a hard drive. If you are going to be in below freezing temperatures and have a Sata hard drive, then it is critical to have this. Most Chinese hard drive caddies for Toughbook CF-19 will NOT include it.

The purpose of the heater or heating element is to actually warm up the hard drive in sub-zero temperatures! A Sata hard drive spins at 3600rpm or faster, if you are in freezing cold weather the bearings and lubricant in the hard drive could freeze.

The CF-19 will heat up the HD as required and uses very little battery power. This is less of an issue with SSD hard drives though since they have no moving parts! This is one more benefit to upgrade to SSD technology. Which all our Black Cobra Toughbooks include.

Check out our Black Cobra line of CF-19 CF-30 and CF-31 Panasonic Toughbooks.

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