Our TOUGHBOOK solution is completely "PLUG & PLAY" ! Nothing else is needed. The recovery disc for your Toughbook CF-29 that we include is a great for backup in case you need to reinstall Windows and drivers in the future.


It is a huge time saver! Otherwise you need to have a Windows disc and spend hours downloading and configuring drivers for your Toughbook. 


We are the only seller that provides IDE/Sata solution so you can use Sata or SSD hard drives with your Panasonic Toughbook.





■  Recovery disc 


■  IDE /SATA adapter 


■  Hard drive of your choice 


■  Hard drive caddy + cable


■  Windows installed. "PLUG & PLAY!"


■  1 Year Warranty






The difference between CF-29 models is in the internal hardware (All CF-29 models look identical). Because of this, each model requires different drivers towork properly.


If you order the wrong version, it will not work properly. This is critical.The first character after "CF-29" determines MK / Mark ie: CF-29ETKGZKM is MK2 based on table below.



Mark or MK         First 3 digits 


CF-29 MK1          CF-29C, CF-29D

CF-29 MK2          CF-29E

CF-29 MK3          CF-29H, CF-29J

CF-29 MK4          CF-29L, CF-29M

CF-29 MK5          CF-29N, CF-29P



NOTE: Panasonic never released Win7 disc, so XP recovery disc is included by default.


We do recommend WinXP for this Toughbook model because it is an older, slower Toughbook model - XP is better if you will be using the laptop for multitasking (running more than two applications at the same time) and surfing internet (flash     content will affect the performance dramatically). Windows 7 will be fine if you run one app and don't visit websites with a lot of flash content. For best performance, upgrade the memory to the maximum supported size 1.2GB+


Hard Drive Caddy: Toughbook CF-29

Hard drive
MK Model
Operating System
  • Why choose an SSD over a SATA hard drive?


    • Speed: This is where SSDs shine. A SATA hard drive requires more time to speed up to operating specs, and will continue to be slower. SSD boots faster, launches and runs apps faster, and transfers files faster. 


    • Durability: An SSD has no moving parts, so it is more likely to keep your data safe in the event you drop your laptop


    • Noise: SSD's are super quiet! All SATA hard drives will emit a bit of noise... but SSDs make no noise at all, since they're non-mechanical.


    •Overall: SSD's are faster, more rugged, lighter form factor, make no noise, or fragmentation (technically part of speed). The only downfall is they are more expensive to the older slower SATA hard drives.