Older GPS engines only receive satellites data from the USA system which limits you to a maximum of 32 satellites. Our GLOBAL GNSS GPS covers a network of up to 59 satellites around the world including: USA (GPS) 32 satellites - RUSSIA (Glonass) 24 Satellites - JAPAN (Qzss) 3 Satellites.



2 FACTORS AFFECT GPS ACCURACY: Number of satellites and GDOP 


Go here to learn more about the technical details and explanation.


The bottom line is that our exclusive TechTough GLOBAL GNSS GPS is the

most accurate on the market. We guarantee it or your money back!





Original side rubber cover for lid

■ PCB Board + cables to connect GPS


■ Clear instructions on installation 

■ Free tech support if you need help

■ 3 Year replacement Warranty

■ 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Global GPS - Toughbook CF-31

  • 1 Year Warranty: Parts & labor. The longest warranty on the planet. 


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    • 1 Year Warranty - 60 Day Money Back Guarantee