How to install, upgrade or replace a hard drive in a Panasonic Toughbook CF-30 caddy

This video will show you the complete steps on how to safely remove the hard drive  caddy from your Toughbook CF-30, install or replace the hard drive and then put it back in.

The replacement procedure is not difficult but you need to carefully follow the steps so as not to damage the data cable, heater or other parts of the Toughbook CF-30 caddy

Toughbook CF-30 hard drives are encased in foam and also protected in a metal caddy. This is to keep the hard drive and data of your Toughbook CF-30 safe in extreme weather and environments.

Sata HD's have platters that store your data and spin at 3600rpm or faster. An SSD HD is like a memory stick, there are no moving parts.

Benefits of SSD vs. SATA hard drives:

 Data is safe even if dropped!

■ Faster BOOT time and data access

Uses less power = longer batter life

 No moving parts = greater reliability

Magnetism will not wipe your data like Sata

 Super quiet, no spinning noises, no vibrations

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Includes recovery restore disc. Great for backup if you get virus, upgrade the HD...

Without the recovery disc, it would take hours to install windows, drivers, updates....

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