why would you want a global gnss gps ?

Vehicle or Marine Navigation: Use in your car, boat, ambulance or RV for navigation even in areas were there is no cell service. A real GPS does not need wifi or data access. All it needs is a clear line of sight to the sky. And best of all there are NO MONTHLY FEES! Get big corp out of your pockets... 

Privacy: Since you are not using wifi or cell data, no person, government, hacker or corporation can track or spy on your movements. Our GLOBAL GNSS GPS is completely anonymous. As Wikileaks has proven, your phone is a convenient spying device for anyone with the appropriate hacking technology.

Doomsday / Preppers: If the grid goes down THIS GPS will still work so that you can locate your stash or guide your loved ones to your off the grid location. This is the ULTIMATE prepper laptop!

• Number satellites tracked


• GDOP measurements


Older GPS engines only receive satellites data from the USA system which limits you to a maximum of 32 satellites.  GLOBAL GNSS GPS covers a network of up to 59 satellites around the world including: USA (GPS) 32 satellites - RUSSIA (Glonass) 24 Satellites - JAPAN (Qzss) 3 Satellites. 

What is GDOP "General Dilution of Precision" ?

GDOP (general dilution of precision) is a measurement that is used to describe the quality of the satellite constellation or geometry positioning in the sky. If the satellites are bunched together in the same area of the sky then your DOP measurements will be higher = GPS accuracy will suffer.

Ideally, the best DOP value would be obtained with one satellite directly above the receiver and three others evenly spaced across the sky with no landscape obstructions. So with a Global GNSS GPS you track far more satellites, which in turn gives you a much better DOP result = better GPS accuracy.

DOP (dilution of precision) - VDOP (vertical dilution of precision) relates to the elevation measurements - HDOP (horizontal dilution of precision) relates to the horizontal position - PDOP (positional dilution of precision) is most widely presented value in GPS receivers. 

GNSS GPS Toughbook

More satellites = greater accuracy. Note: You can never TRACK all the satellites in your GPS network, but the more their are to choose from, the

more you can track depending on your location, line of sight, etc... 


Test results of GDOP: Ublox 6 vs. Global GNSS GPS

UBLOX 6 GPS                              GLOBAL GNSS GPS

PDOP    1.7                                            PDOP    1.1

HDOP   0.9                                            HDOP   0.7

VDOP    1.5                                            VDOP   0.9

The smaller the numbers the better and more accurate the GPS is

In our tests, the altitude measurement of the GLOBAL GNSS GPS was 2.4 meters! (7.8 feet) more accurate than the common GPS only system.