6 mistakes to avoid when buying a used Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 CF-30 CF-31

We have bought and sold thousands of Toughbooks over the years. If I was not a Toughbook seller and was giving a close friend advice on how to buy a Toughbook this is what my advice would be: 1. Make sure the Panasonic Toughbook unit does not have a BIOS password. Otherwise it is almost impossible to remove and you may need to enter the BIOS to enable or disable some options like GPS, screen brightness, order of boot devices, etc... 2. Ask the seller how long the Toughbook battery will last for on average. These are consumable items that eventually need to replaced once they have have reached a number of cycles, but at least a 3 hour charge is what I would consider acceptable. 3. Is the Toug

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